Wearing leggings the right way.


* How to wear leggings the right way

* What to wear leather leggings with

* Right footwear for your leggings

* Black leather leggings with a shirt


To avoid fashion conflicts in your day to day life, it is worth remembering how and what to wear leggings with. This is also the most convenient and controversial element of the wardrobe. On some girls they look stylish, on others they are vulgar. Just one blunder with a print of leggings or in combination with other clothes - and you risk becoming a victim of ridicule.


1. Do not wear tight leggings with short or overt tops: they are sexy in themselves. Leggings perfectly emphasise the dignity of the figure, so do not overdo it opening the belly or neck.


2. Do not wear tight leggings with shoes or sandals on the platform and high heels. In this combination, they look vulgar. Want to lengthen the legs? Choose sneakers, rugged boots on the tractor sole or wide heel.


3. Do not wear leopards unless you are going to a disco party or "90s" party. Here you can also include shiny and lacy models that are suitable only for go-go dances.


4. Do not wear leggings with an active print if your legs are far from ideal.


5. If you want to hide excess weight, wear leggings only with long tunics or cardigans. Choose black or burgundy models that will not attract attention.


6. Knitted leggings are for the gym only, top it up with sneakers or sneakers in combination with clothes in a sporty style.


7. Remember that leggings are an element of the essential everyday wardrobe. They are appropriate casual or sport-chic style. Openwork models have nothing to do with cocktail or evening style, even if you combine them with heels and silk blouses.


8. If you do not know how to choose the right leggings, start by buying the base model in black.


Leather leggings are another type of jeans. They help us out in the cold season and allow us to create a lot of attention. No less stylish look is warm leggings under the skin in black, cherry and brown colours, as well as leggings with knitted inserts.


The ideal companion of leather leggings is a sweater or sweatshirt. It should be volumetric, preferably elongated, to level the tight-fitting lower part.


If it's spring in the street - try them on with a shirt, blouse or tunic. On top, you can wear a sweatshirt, a scythe or a bomb.


In spring, safely replace dark leggings with beige, grey or white, but on condition that the winter did not bring you a few extra pounds. Bold, bright models will be "calmed" by a monophonic tunic or an elongated sweater.


Actual in the spring season ragged leggings will decorate a bright cape or cardigan, an elongated shirt or a cool sweatshirt.


For a street image, you can choose leather burgundy leggings with a black leather jacket, T-shirt and ankle boots. Do not forget to put on a bold and confident expression.


The most stylish looks are obtained with sneakers, as it accommodates your style.


Knitted or denim leggings look good with slips.


They are also successfully combined with biker style boots or with coarse boots on low travel or a wide stable heel. With such shoes, corduroy and lacquer models look stylish.


In autumn, you can combine boots and leggings, but on condition that the upper part of the image will be voluminous, and the boots do not shorten the legs.


Ankle boots and low-heeled shoes look good with short leggings.


A “chic” look is obtained with a light denim shirt, but a white shirt or bright checkered shirt will do. To complete the image, put on sunglasses, large watches or bracelets, you can wear shoes with heels or a large bag.


Grey leggings better emphasise the attractiveness of full (moderately) thighs. It is advisable to wear with a voluminous top that closes the décolleté. The images are stylish and sexy, but not necessarily provocative. If you put on a down jacket on top, you will get a cool winter image.


To create a cool street bow combine grey leggings with sneakers, sports top and cap.


In the end, an attractive image with sports leggings, short black top, sneakers and a cap. This combination is best for the gym, but suitable for the streets on a hot summer day.


Now you know how to wear leggings to look stylish. We wish you more attention and positive reactions! Leave comments and upload your photos, this will help other girls!